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Wolfe & Hurst Bond Brokers ("Wolfe & Hurst"), a division of BGC Financial, L.P. ("BGCF"), is a Municipal Securities Broker's Broker (MSBB) which acts exclusively as an agent or riskless principal in the purchase or sale of municipal bonds on behalf of undisclosed principals that are registered brokers, dealers, or municipal securities dealers.  Acting in this capacity, Wolfe & Hurst does not position municipal securities, participate in syndicates, hold customer funds, or safe-keep customer securities.  Wolfe & Hurst acts in the limited capacity of providing anonymity, communication, and contemporaneously matched orders for its clients.  Wolfe & Hurst does not exercise discretion as to the price at which customer transactions are executed or when they are executed.  We are compensated solely on the basis of commissions and markups.  A commission schedule is available to clients upon request.

Use of our web site requires that you read our full disclosures based upon the MSRB's Rule G-43.  Wolfe & Hurst advises all municipal participants to review Rule G-43 at the MSRB web site.
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